Polyvinyl Chloride or vinyl (PVC) is one of the most popular plastics used worldwide. It has a remarkable reputation, especially for its chemical stability and durability. The average lifetime of PVC products is around 30 years or most probably more than 50. PVC is found in all daily life items ranging from bottles to household siding. This indicates that at some point of time PVC products will reach the waste stream in near future. SA Copper Recycling mission to minimize waste & recycle those plastics in an eco-friendly way. Resin is used in the manufacturing of PVC pipe and fittings which is 100% recyclable. We provide PVC recycling services in all suburbs of Adelaide, SA.

What if the Disposal of PVC in Landfill?

Being bulk & long biodegradation timing, PVC fills landfills so quickly which further leads to several landfill problems. The leaching chlorine, carcinogens & other toxic chemicals of PVC undergo into soil & air. Subsequently, these chemicals pollute the groundwater as well as air quality that could affect the humans & the environment both. Many countries have caused a ban for landfills disposing of and shift to Mechanical Recycling.

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Have you been trying to deal with licensed & Insured PVC recyclers? If you live in Adelaide, SA then, the search ends here!! Our company accepts to accept clean and unused pipe offcuts and fittings. However, we don’t accept heavily soiled products because health regulations don’t allow us for this. We have an environment-friendly recycling process for PVC & our in-house team possess knowledge like the back of their hands. Although, we have updated technology for the entire safe & sound process.

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