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Looking for professional Insulated Cables Recycler in Adelaide, SA. The wait is over now!! You have stumbled onto the page of trustworthy Metal Recyclers. Electric Cables are made up of metal wire that is housed within plastic insulation. The recycling process for insulated cables helps in recovering plastic & metals both of which are reuse. Most probably copper and Aluminium are present in the inner wire. If these metals don’t degrade then, it indicates that it can be recycled indefinitely. SA Copper Recycling uses mechanical process copper or Aluminium wire for recycling. However, it can’t be recycled directly firstly we need to remove insulation from Old copper and Aluminium wires.

All recycling companies in Adelaide have different methods or techniques for Insulated Cables. But the goal of all of them is to separate the metal wires from the plastic casing and extract the precious metals. After this, one will get the concentrated copper, brass, and steel fine powder

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We have professional & Dedicated staff with a straightforward process. Our in-house team is skilled in removing all white-goods, old appliances, fridges, freezers, Aluminium windows, old metal roofing. If you are struggling to have any scrap item on your property then, let our support team know!! Additionally, we provide a convenient drop off service to all our customers Adelaide wide.

Our services include recycling for all such as copper, lead, stainless steel, scrap whitegoods, brass, nickel, steel, Aluminium, PVC, and wire. The feedback of the previous customer speaks highly of our reputation. Therefore, don’t let scrap metals become a burden on you by gathering valuable space. Get rid of it today and makes top cash for it.

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