Recycle Your Metal Scraps in Adelaide SA Copper Recycling

If you have scrap metals then, you might be searching for recyclers who pay you the best price for it. Right? Adelaide Copper Recycling in SA purchases all various types of metals such as copper, steel, lead, stainless steel, Aluminium, and other ferrous and non-ferrous. We promise to you pay the highest metal scrap prices on the spot. Recycle Your Metal Scraps in a hassle-free manner with us.

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Best Prices for Your Metal Scraps Instantly

Being top reupdated company across South Australia, we firmly believe in satisfying our customers with the highest prices. Once you call us, we’ll evaluate the price and then offer a cash quote instantly. We accept copper and aluminium wires and Provide you best-insulated wire scrap price throughout Adelaide. Our company buy the following types of wires, but not limited to

  • Heavy-duty industrial cable
  • Electrical appliance cables
  • PVC bright cables
  • Insulated copper cable
  • Copper and Aluminium wires
  • Data wire

How Can one Maximize the Price for Your Scrap Wires?

Whether you have Aluminium, copper, or lead, and the grade, you will get the higher or lower price for scarp wire depending upon their material. Here, are some points that you need to consider to maximize the insulated copper cable scrap price-

Do you have heavy strippable wires? If yes then, you should try to remove the insulation as pure copper or Aluminium to get the best return over it. In case, you have different types of scrap wires, separate them according to making material. This will allow getting a higher price for insulated Aluminium scrap wire. Lastly, you can grade wires to get a better return in terms of price. While heavy wires are considered grade-1 scrap and lighter are comparatively fetch low prices.

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It’s the best opportunity to Recycle Your Metal Scraps for the top price in South Australia. Having scrap Aluminium, copper, lead, brass, steel, stainless steel, or any other scrap metals? Please put your mind at ease!! Would you like to know Metal Scrap Prices? Get a Free online quote from us and schedule free-pickup anywhere in Adelaide. We are committed to offering the best possible prices for your scraps. Call us on 0401 594 987.