Summer is a fantastic season to seek recyclable scrap metal because cold weather can destroy particular items. You’ll also have a cleaner house and the chance to make some money if you have any scrap metal lying around. The best part is that recycling cans, lawnmowers, and air conditioners is easier than you would imagine.

You can recycle scrap all throughout your home. Here are some ideas for items you can look for and tidy up this summer:

Old Air Conditioning Units

In the summer, especially in Adelaide, we all know how important air conditioners can be. They are a genuine luxury that many households require. However, because they are so frequently used, they might get worn out within a few years.

Do you have any air conditioners that you don’t use anymore? Recycling your air conditioner is a far better alternative than storing it in your attic. Often individuals keep their old window units in storage, despite them being no longer functional. Maybe your air conditioner isn’t working properly anymore, or you’ve opted to replace it in the initial summer months.

You may save room in your storage by recycling your air conditioner by bringing it to SA Copper Recycling Adelaide. This eliminates the need to open and pull apart recyclable components from your air conditioner. If you prefer to do it yourself (DIY), you may remove all of the metal bits and gather them along the way with the other scrap metals.

Lawn Mowers

You do not have to throw away broken or unused lawnmowers. You may recycle the reusable items by taking them to a recycling center near you. Petrol lawnmowers may be stored with scrap metal objects. Before bringing it to a facility, ensure that the petrol tank is empty. For this procedure, you’ll need a siphon hose and an oil collection container.

Similarly, if you own a push lawn mower, you’ll be relieved to learn that it’s made of metal. You can recycle the equipment in a scrap metal recycling plant once more. And if your lawnmower is made of copper, we offer copper recycling in Adelaide and pay cash for copper metals! Also, make sure that the grass collecting bin isn’t made of plastic – if it is then you should remove it before shipping it to a recycling center.

If you have an electric lawnmower, you need to first notify the facility. Electric and electronic garbage is not accepted by all recyclers.

Old Furniture

Do you intend to get rid of your old outdoor furniture? Summer is a great time to dispose of old, worn-out stuff. But, first, consider furniture recycling.

If your furniture is no longer salvageable due to cracks, brokenness, or warping, you can take it to a recycling center. While some furniture may be repaired, changing it with new furniture may be the wiser alternative.

Metal furniture is the most simple to recycle. It’s also simple to identify which furniture and pieces may be delivered to a nearby facility. Outdoor furniture scrap metal is normally sturdy, which is why it may be reused several times. Aluminum, iron, steel, and copper are among the metals that are accepted. SA Copper Recycling offers cash for copper metals in Adelaide. Also, ferrous metals attract magnets, so examine your furniture to see if it contains ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

BBQ Grills

Some kitchen things may need to be discarded while you clean your house. BBQs are a popular way to entertain in the summer, and that is why practically every Australian home has one. However, if your grill isn’t working correctly, you won’t be able to enjoy wonderful grilled meals. It’s probably time to get a new grill and recycle the old one. This set of equipment seems to have some recyclable pieces that may be sold for a profit.

Choose SA Copper Recycling Adelaide!

If you own a lawnmower, a grill, a TV, an air conditioner, or any other device, chances are it has scrap copper that may be recycled. Bring the item to Adelaide’s SA Copper Recycling. We pay instant cash for copper metals.

At SA Copper Recycling, scrap copper is sorted and recycled at our scrap yard. From foundries to smelters to mills, we have the machinery to prepare metals for their future destination. This copper will subsequently be used to create new metal items. Bring your scrap copper to our recycling center now to help us get started. Contact us now at 0401 594 987 and!